Aziza Brahim's Music Explores the Western Sahara's Sad Legacy with Beautiful Songs

The Sahrawi singer discusses the process and motivations behind her new album 'Abbar el Hamada,' which addresses 40 years of Western Sahara occupation.


The US and France Are Teaming Up to Fight A Sprawling War on Terror in Africa

A burgeoning Franco-American alliance relies heavily on special forces, drones, and private military companies for counterterrorism operations in the Sahara and Sahel regions.


Famine And Climate Change Are Making Africa a Terrorist Tinderbox

The dire humanitarian situation in the Sahel is turning it into fertile ground for extremists.


Tuareg Refugees Must Choose Between Hunger and Violence

About 12,000 refugees displaced from Mali by two years of conflict find themselves in Burkina Faso, facing violence, famine, and disease.


Tuareg Refugees from Mali Are Stuck Between Poverty and Violence

Fleeing war for poverty in Burkina Faso has left them in a horrible limbo.


Inside the Cell Phone File Sharing Networks of Western Africa (Q+A)

Digital filesharing doesn't need the internet. This is the case at least in Western Africa and other parts of the developing world, where computers aren't yet consumer goods for most and, even if they were, web access isn't exactly New York City...