college admissions scandal

The College Admissions Scandal Just Produced Its First Criminal Sentence

A Stanford coach who took more than $600K in bribes isn't getting any jail time.
Emma Ockerman

The Stress of Living on a Boat Was Just What My Anxious Brain Needed

When you are far from land, the need to be completely self-reliant is key, and every small accomplishment is an affirmation of survival itself.
Kate Zidar
Sea of Thieves

Teamwork Is the Real Sailor's Delight in 'Sea of Thieves'

Wicked sensitive crews in the time of wooden ships and iron sailors.
Rob Zacny
VICE Magazine

The Woman Determined to Be the First Trans Person to Sail the World Alone

"When things get violent, and the boats get thrown around, and you're tossed around like a cork in a bottle—you find out who you are."
Diana Tourjée

France's Thomas Coville Breaks Record for Sailing Solo Around the World by 8 1/2 Days

Only twice have sailboats ever gone faster around the globe, but those ships had crews of 10 and 14, who worked in shifts.
Dave Brown

All Aboard the Ship Sailing Near-Extinct Grains From Oslo to Istanbul

“We’re using the seeds as a way to talk about challenges within the food system,” says Amy Franceschini, one of the artists involved in the project.
Daisy Meager

Sailing a Real-Life Viking Ship Across the Atlantic Is Still Hard Work

We talked to the shipbuilder and the captain of the Draken Harald Hårfagre.
DJ Pangburn
rio de janeiro

Brazilian Olympic Sailors Concerned About the Legacy of the 2016 Games

Brazilian sailors are disappointed that officials did not do enough to clean up the water in the bay.
Donna Bowater
Holy Shit

Float Away and Cry with Lil Yachty on "So Many People"

What is there not to like about Lil Yachty?
Kyle Kramer
the roots of surfing

“Like Surfing, But on a Much Bigger Scale”: How the Hokule’a Sails Around the World

The Hokule’a docked in New York last week for World Oceans Day. Much like surfers, crew members rely on reading the waves and the clouds as they travel the world.
Hans Aschim

MIT Algorithm Could Save Future Sailors From Rogue Waves

New algorithm uses a ship's onboard technology to detect freak waves more efficiently.
Leif Johnson
VICE Long Reads

The 73-Year-Old Adventurer Sailing a 60-Foot Steel Whale Across the Atlantic Ocean

Tom McClean left the British Special Air Service to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a feat he's achieved five times. Now, at 73, he's ready to do it again—in a giant steel sperm whale.
Joe Banks