The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Millions prep for total solar eclipse, Trump to outline new US strategy for Afghanistan, ten sailors missing after US warship hits oil tanker, and more.
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Tattooed Skin Shows Off at a Design Museum in Portugal

Lisbon's MUDE exhibits sheets of human skin and old tattoo designs from 20th century outcasts.
Dyllan Furness

Why Australians Are Coming Down with Scurvy

A dozen patients at a Sydney hospital were recently found to be suffering from scurvy—a condition more usually associated with 18th-century sailors.
Phoebe Hurst

A Brief History of Drunken British Sailors

Until July 31, 1970, bracingly strong overproof rum was a vital part of the fabric of the British Navy—rationed, used as a currency, and a veritable way of life.
Harry Sword
Holy Shit

Float Away and Cry with Lil Yachty on "So Many People"

What is there not to like about Lil Yachty?
Kyle Kramer

Photos of Sailors Taking Over the City During NYC's Fleet Week

Fleet Week functions as a kick-off to summer and the chance for New Yorkers and tourists to take some pretty amazing sailor selfies.
Zak Krevitt and Sam Clarke
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Watch Sturgill Simpson's Sad, Shipwrecked "Breakers Roar" Video

The former Navy man warns his son of the lonesome emptiness of the open sea.
Craig Jenkins
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A Massive Cargo Ship Accident Was Caused by Rum

A Russian sailor was fired after it was discovered he drank half a liter of booze before driving a 7,000-ton ship into the Scottish coast.
VICE Staff
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The Navy Wants Its Fried Food Back and Is Blaming Michelle Obama

On Navy Times’ Facebook page, Matt Phillips wrote, “Welcome to the Tofu Navy.” Jeff King was even more eloquent: “Pussies. This isn’t a Weight Watchers cruise. It’s the goddann [sic] Navy!”
Alex Swerdloff

Tattoo Artist Don Ed Hardy on the Evolution of Tattoo Art in America

We met the legendary artist for a chat about his prominent role in the history of tattoo art.
Catherine LaSota

#SelfieWithASailor: Fleet Week Invaded NYC—and Your Instagram

What intrigued me about Fleet Week was the way the servicemen and women were swallowed up by New York City and became another attraction in the cutthroat market of the Big Apple's iconography.
Brittany Carmichael