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20 Winter Salads So You Can Eat a Vegetable For Once

Your body needs something green and fibrous, or things are gonna start getting weird.
Munchies Staff
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Don't Underestimate a Spicy Summer Salad

A good rib can be ruined by a gelatinous puck of macaroni salad or watery slaw slithering up next to it on your plate, so remember that it's the sides that make a backyard barbecue memorable.
Munchies Staff
farm to table

How We Made Farm-to-Table Cuisine Accessible to Everyone

Tender Greens was meant to bridge the gap between Chez Panisse and In-N-Out. The reality behind the food that I was cooking as a chef throughout my career was that it was really meant for the One Percent, so I wanted to change that.
Erik Oberholtzer

Chicken and Banana Blossom Salad Recipe

This Thai salad kicks drab chicken salad to the curb with tender roasted chicken, banana blossoms, crispy shallots, and a creamy coconut-lime dressing.
Munchies Staff
The Magic Hour Issue

’Choke Trauma

Oh hey, what's in your salad? Are those white things artichokes? Well, shoot. I'd be all over that salad if it weren't for those 'chokes.
Ryan Grim

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Nuoc Nam Recipe

Parisians lost their minds over the amount of chilies in the dishes at Le Marie Celeste. This simple Thai-inspired salad is no different.
Haan Palcu-Chang

Raw Fish Salad Recipe

Everything in this salad is raw, so no cooking is required.
Lee Tiernan

How-To: Make Raw Fish Salad

Chefs Lee Tiernan and Brandon prove that with nice fish and some shaved vegetables, you can make a raw fish salad so good that even your sushi-fearing friends will eat.
Munchies Staff and Lee Tiernan