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Regular-Ass Physical Sales Got Jack White to the Top of the Billboard 200

Jack "The Vinyl Lover"™ White sold 121,000 CD and vinyl copies of 'Boarding House Reach,' breaking streaming's hold on the chart.
Lauren O'Neill
Orange Juice

The Flu Is So Bad This Year that Orange Juice Sales Are Spiking

Too bad there's flimsy evidence that it can actually prevent you from getting sick.
Mayukh Sen
Noisey News

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Sold 1.2 Million Copies in a Week, Chaos Reigns

The Nielsen figures are here: Taylor's sixth album had the tenth largest sales week since 1991.
Lauren O'Neill

'Susan's Yard Sale,' Today's Comic by Julian Glander

Although she has a hard time letting go, Susan does get something out of her yard sale.
Julian Glander

What Does ‘MEN’ Actually Smell Like?

Hygiene products for women smell like blackberries, vanilla, or lemongrass. Products for men, on the other hand? They smell like "MEN." We asked experts what that means.
Edie Calie
spin doctors

This Map Shows Which State Buys the Most Fidget Spinners

Californians are not chill with fidget spinners.
Ben Sullivan
Sino-Maximalism Is the Future of Web Design

An interview with the Ling Valentine of, the best UX on the web.
Daniel Oberhaus
brick and mortar

Why Are Physical Software Sales Still a Thing?

And most boxes are empty!
Andrada Fiscutean
Rocket League

‘Rocket League' Was (Deservedly) the Best Selling Game on PSN in 2016

It may not be the hottest release anymore, but it remains a regular part of my rotation. And it's hard to imagine it ever leaving.
Mike Diver

Pizza Is the Latest Victim of This Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

Ah pizza—you’re such a compassionate soul. Not only do you provide us with delicious sustenance as we feast on your cheesy flesh, you also share our pain during these most difficult of times.
Alex Swerdloff

Fast Food CEOs Are Blaming the Chaos of the Election for Sales Drops

With Donald Trump openly embracing fast food because it’s so “clean,” it’s a real wonder why people wouldn’t be following the ringing endorsement.
Nick Rose

Pizza Chains Are Killing It While Other Restaurants' Sales Suffer

After all, why go out to eat and face humanity when you can have a giant circle of bread and mozzarella delivered straight to your door?
Wyatt Marshall