Ig Nobels

The 2018 Ig Nobels Honor Discoveries About Cannibalism, Voodoo, and DIY Colonoscopies

The annual parody of the Nobel Prize also celebrated studies about human saliva as a cleaning agent, the effect of roller-coasters of kidney stones, and the use of postage stamps as erection detectors.
Becky Ferreira
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Video Featuring a Gender Reveal Set to “Click Click Boom" Is America

May God bless this child, and may God bless America.
Dan Ozzi
Hypochondriacs Unite

The Germaphobe's Guide to Sharing a Joint

Could smoking in a cypher, which is theoretically like tongue kissing everyone in it, land you a stomach virus?
Shannon Thomas
Thai Food

Thai Hospital Food Is a Delicious World of Shrimp Porridge and Bird Saliva

I had to get 60 stitches in my head in Bangkok and learned that Thai hospital food is a wonderland of delicious noodles, mushroom soups, and chicken delicacies.
Natalie B. Compton
Asking for a friend

How Gross Is It to Let My Dog Give Me Kisses?

Let's start here: One in six dogs is a "serious stool eater."
Denny Watkins
Asking for a friend

How Gross Is it to Share Your Toothbrush?

Even with someone you're swapping spit with already.
Claire Gillespie
What's Freaking Me Out

What Can I Catch if Someone Spits On My Face?

Because we all know a spray-talker or two.
Cassie Shortsleeve

Things Everybody Secretly Hates About Their Best Friend

Having a best friend is the best, but they can fill you with a very specific kind of rage, too.
Leon Benz

Is it Right to Lose Your License Over a Joint You Smoked Days Ago?

Australian police test for drug traces that might be days old. They're not testing if the person is fit to drive.
Paul Gregoire

Fake, Drug-Test-Foiling Dicks Are a Growing Business in Queensland

You need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug-free urine sample. Unless you have a fake dick and pee, then you can do whatever you want.
Dan Nulley