Stop Kissing Your Hedgehogs or You Might Get Salmonella, CDC Warns

According to the CDC, there’s a salmonella outbreak in 11 states that has been linked to contact with hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are cancelled.
Caroline Haskins
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Should I Wash Meat Before I Cook It?

Short answer: Your attempt to wash away germs can backfire in a big way.
Joanne Spataro

How a Cult Used Salad Bars to Orchestrate the Worst Bioterror Attack in US History

A new Netflix documentary, 'Wild Wild Country,' revisits the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack that infected 751 people with salmonella.
Mayukh Sen
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My Wedding Feast Gave All of My Loved Ones Salmonella

I spent my first day as a wife transporting my new husband's feces to the hospital.
Katinka Oppeck

These Five Charts Help Explain Why the South Is So Unhealthy

People in southern states die earlier from a variety of chronic conditions.
Jay Maddock
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My Panic Attack Was a Symptom of a Heart Condition

Women are treated less aggressively in their initial encounters at the hospital until they 'prove that they're as sick as male patients.'
Nicole Carpenter
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Do I Really Need to Bother Washing My Produce?

Millions of Americans acquire foodborne illnesses each year.
Michelle Malia
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How Bad Is it if I Don't Use Soap When I Scrub a Dish?

If it looks clean, it must be clean, right?
Maggie Puniewska
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There's Grossness Hiding in Your Bag of Pre-Cut Greens

Researchers discover a slimy way salmonella sneaks up on your salad.
Dan Roe
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Your Farmers’ Market Eggs Are More Likely To Make You Sick

A study shows that you might want to be extra careful if you regularly eat eggs from backyard chickens and small, local suppliers.
Wyatt Marshall
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Chipotle Is Trying to Buy Your Friendship with Free Food Deals

The deals are clearly aimed to get the youth back on the burrito bandwagon, since their parents are probably still pretty upset about the whole "pooping blood" thing.
Matthew James-Wilson
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Fun-Hating FDA Says We Can Never, Ever Eat Raw Cookie Dough Again

Now, the US Food and Drug Administration wants you to wipe that cookie-batter-smeared grin off your face. In a new announcement, the agency warns that raw dough of all kinds can give you a big-league intestinal baddie.
Wyatt Marshall