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What Would Happen if the Coffee Plant Went Extinct?

Apparently climate change could make this terrible, terrible thing happen. We asked some experts about the anxiety, unemployment, and energy drink addiction it might cause.


What Would Happen If Young People Stopped Having Babies?

The whole human race would come to an end, obviously, but we asked some experts about what else we could expect.


Islamic Countries Are Blocking LGBT Groups From a UN Meeting on AIDS

More than 20 nonprofit groups, most of which work explicitly with gay and transgender communities, are being blocked from participating in a major United Nations session on AIDS.


Burundi Says It Doesn't Need Peacekeepers — But the African Union Wants to Send 5,000 Troops

Burundi, which UN officials say is on the brink of civil war, said there is no need for a peacekeeping mission. But the AU has invoked a rule which allows it to deploy a force without a country's consent.


UN Rights Chief Says Burundi Is on the 'Cusp of a Civil War,' Calls for Intervention

Stressing the severity of the situation in Burundi, High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein spoke less than a week after armed men waged early morning attacks on multiple military bases in and outside of the capital of Bujumbura.


Iran Broadcasts Footage of Underground Ballistic Missile Facility for the First Time

The display follows the launching of a precision-guided missile that Iran said it carried on Sunday — an act that US officials said appears to violate a ban on Iran conducting such tests.


China Announces Huge UN Peacekeeping Standby Force — But Doesn't Offer Many Details

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the personnel would be part part of a standby force, but questions remained about when and how they could be deployed, and what role China would have in deciding that.


Why the US Government Is Investing Millions in Internet Freedom Technologies

In post-Snowden era, the US tries more of the same.


Gay Men Face Horrors at the Hands of the Islamic State, But Few Can Resettle in the US

LGBT individuals who escaped from Islamic State rule in Iraq and Syria say basic steps in the resettlement process for individuals persecuted for their sexual and gender identity are still arduous.


Bombs and Shells Continue to Fall in Yemen Just Hours Before Truce Takes Hold

The UN-brokered pause is scheduled to begin at midnight Saturday, and last until the end of Ramadan on July 17.


Everyone Freaked Out When North Korea Interrupted a UN Panel of Defectors

An unwelcome, impromptu speech from North Korean delegates could barely be heard over cries of "Free North Korea" and "Down with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un" from the audience.


Bibi Goes to Washington: AIPAC, Iran, and Nukes

This year’s AIPAC conference turned into a kind of a Christmas Eve for DC's many pundits, politicos, and policy wonks, bringing weeks of drama to an almost unendurable pitch of anticipation.