San Andreas Fault


The Guy Behind This $2,400 Egg-Shaped Capsule Says It Will Save Us During Deadly Earthquakes

Meant to withstand violent impacts, Mexican engineer Reynaldo Vela’s personal protection pods take prehistoric design cues and are part of a broader trend in disaster capitalism.


Here's What Will Happen After a Huge Earthquake Inevitably Hits California

Nobody knows when "The Big One" is going to hit California, but here's how experts think it will play out when it does.


The San Andreas Fault May Be About to Explode

San Andreas hasn't relieved any pressure in over a century, making it "locked, loaded, and ready to go."


[Premiere] A Laser Landscape Sears the San Andreas Fault

Epicenter Projects taps media artist Robert Seidel for a series of long-exposure laser experiments in the desert.


Enter an Abyss of Neon Sea Creatures

Cristopher Cichocki merges a black-lit desert with a neon-painted sea in his new installation, 'At The Surface.'


Epicenter Projects Brings Art to the San Andreas Fault Line

Curator Cristopher Cichocki's new project brings site-specific works to the earthquake hot spot.