San Bernardino


California cops kill black man after firing dozens of bullets at his car in Walmart parking lot

California police fired what sounded like as many as 30 bullets at Diante Yarber's car.


FBI Barely Tried to Hack San Bernardino iPhone Before Going to Court With Apple

A new report by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General found that the FBI could have done more before going to court and arguing it needed Apple's help to unlock an alleged terrorist's phone.


Marilyn Manson Defends His Use of a Fake Assault Rifle Onstage

He sang into a mic attached to one, hours after Sunday's mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.


Steve Wozniak’s US Festival Predicted the Melding of Tech and Music

The US Festival, held in 1982 and 1983, was the kind of music happening where you could watch bands on giant screens while grabbing some shade under a satellite dish.


After San Bernardino School Shooting, Calls to Local Women's Shelter Double

"And that's just that fraction of women who know about us and are ready to get our help."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

San Bernardino school shooter identified, Trump on course to exceed Obama's total travel expenses in his first year, Uzbek national admits to terrorist attack in Sweden, and more.


What We Know About the Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino

Police say the shooting, apparently a murder-suicide, may have been an act of domestic violence.


We’re suing the FBI for info about its hack of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

VICE News, the Associated Press, and USA Today filed a lawsuit Friday seeking records related to the FBI's purchase from hackers of a "tool" to unlock the shooter's iPhone 5c.


San Bernardino County Moves Forward on Renewed Attempt To Ban Raves

The Board of Supervisors is pushing to revisit a ban on EDM events.