San Bernardino Shooter


The US Government Canceled Its Hearing with Apple Over iPhone Backdoor

The FBI and DOJ ask to back out at the eleventh hour, citing a potential alternative method for cracking the phone.


If You Care About LGBTQ Lives, You Should Oppose the FBI on iPhone Encryption

Encryption technology is doing as much, if not more, to keep queer and trans people safe as legislation.


The FBI Filed Its Response to Apple’s Resistance to Backdooring the iPhone

"Reply in Support of the Government’s Motion to Compel and Opposition to Apple Inc.’s Motion to Vacate."


Apple: The FBI Should Ask the NSA to Hack Shooter’s iPhone

If the FBI is so keen to hack an iPhone, why doesn't it just ask the NSA?


Apple Reveals The Manpower And Time It Would Take To Comply With FBI’s Order

Apple argues it would take at least six engineers and between two and four weeks to create the operating system the FBI wants.


Who Changed the San Bernardino Shooter’s iCloud Password?

Government agencies and Apple are pointing fingers over who is responsible for shutting iCloud data out of the San Bernardino investigation.


Apple’s First Amendment Case Against the FBI

The FBI’s order against Apple compels speech, which is almost always prohibited by the First Amendment.


While Apple Fights the FBI, UK Surveillance Law Could Demand Secret Backdoors

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill includes sections on stripping electronic protections, which some say are comparable to the FBI's demand for an iPhone backdoor.


Apple: an iPhone Backdoor Would Be Reused by China, Russia, and the US

Apple says it's being asked by the FBI to create and maintain a parallel, insecure version of iOS that could be used over and over.


Why the FBI's Order to Apple Is So Technically Clever

According to experts, the FBI's method could be applied not just to the shooter's iPhone 5C, but more modern versions too.


Apple: We Will Fight FBI Demand to Crack iPhone Passcode

Tim Cook argues cracking San Bernardino shooter's phone would set a dangerous precedent that "would undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect."


Federal Judge Orders Apple to Help FBI Brute-Force Hack Into an Encrypted iPhone

A California judge has ordered Apple to help the FBI break into the San Bernardino shooter's encrypted iPhone.