San Diego

3 days ago

Border Patrol Illegally Held a Sick 9-Year-Old Girl Without Medical Attention, Lawsuit Says

She and her mother were detained at a California Border Patrol station for 10 days.


An Immigrant Bleeding from His Eyes, Ears, and Nose Was Treated With Ibuprofen at ICE Detention Center

"I feared I was going to die," he told the Guardian.


A Youth Pastor Is Only the 2nd Person under Trump's Remain in Mexico Program to Gain Asylum

Since the policy went into effect almost 8 months ago, some 40,000 have been forced to wait in Mexico while their asylum cases play out.


California Just Banned Private Prisons, Including ICE Detention Facilities

The Mesa Verde facility costs taxpayers $119.95 per detainee per day for the first 320 people detained there, according to an advocacy group


16 Marines Were Snatched Out of Formation in Mass Arrest Connected to Human Smuggling

"Information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests"


I Found NYC's In-N-Out Burger and Solved the Mystery of How It Got There

A meticulous rundown of how that fully intact Double-Double ended up next to a bus stop in Jamaica, Queens.


CEO Who Sold Encrypted Phones to the Sinaloa Cartel Sentenced to Nine Years

Vincent Ramos was sentenced to nine years and forfeited more than $80 million for providing criminal organizations with encrypted devices.


Brewery Faces Backlash for Mocking MLK's 'I Have a Dream' Speech to Sell Black Beer

In a now-deleted apology on Facebook, the brewer described himself as a "stupid stupid man, but [...] not a racist."


Scientists Discover the Closest Known Asteroid to the Sun

It's one of 19 asteroids that have been detected within Earth's orbit.


San Diego Is Paradise for Goths

The scene there is both long-lasting and newly burgeoning, something you might not expect from the sunny city known for its beaches.


The Border Crisis Is Wreaking Havoc on the Lives of Cross-Border Students

Students who live in Tijuana and go to school in California have to navigate the migrant caravan and a heavy military presence at the San Ysidro border every day.


Five Amazing Trips You Can Take for $50 a Day or Less

A great vacation doesn’t have to break the bank.