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Philip Rivers Spent $200K on a Car So He Can Study Film on the Way to Work

Yo Dawg, we heard you like watching game tape and luxurious seating, so we put a film room in your car.
Sean Newell

How is the Chargers Move to Los Angeles Going? Not Great!

The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. How is it going so far? Pretty terribly.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

LA Kings Twitter Account Went Pretty Far Out of Their Way to Dis The City of St. Louis

Like a bucket full of Morton's salt to St. Louis' gaping NFL wound.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Social Media

Everyone Made Fun of the Chargers' New Logo So Much It's No Longer the Chargers' New Logo

The Los Angeles Chargers' logo looks a little familiar, and a little horrible.
Mike Vorkunov
clinical depression but for websites

The Los Angeles Chargers Have a Website, Would Like $100

The San Diego Chargers are now the Los Angeles Chargers! If that statement fails to excite you, wait until you see their depressing-as-hell new website.
David Roth

The Chargers Are Bolting San Diego And I Don't Care

One San Diego sports fan finds it difficult to feel sad about losing a team that has given him so much misery throughout the years.
Jorge Arangure Jr.
nfl relocation

Raiders Inch Closer to Las Vegas, Who Knows What's Going on With the Chargers

The NFL's Stadium Committee and Finance Committee both met today to (mostly) discuss the Raiders potential move to Las Vegas.
Sean Newell

Browns Secure First Season Win Off a Botched Chargers Field Goal Because Of Course

Shhh, guys. Just watch this. Revel in it. (Don't jinx it.) The Browns are now 1-14.
Liam Daniel Pierce
San Diego Chargers

Security at Qualcomm Investigating Whether Guard was Masturbating on Field During Chargers Game

The security company is investigating what it called an "isolated incident."
Sean Newell
stadium subsidies

On Election Day, Rangers Get $500 Million, Chargers Get Permission to Move to L.A.

There were two ballot measures for whether taxpayers would fund new stadiums for their billionaire owners in San Diego and Arlington, Texas.
Aaron Gordon
melvin gordon

How Melvin Gordon Ran Right Over the Titans Defense

Melvin Gordon, with a huge assist from his offensive line, went to town on the Titans defense.
Rivers McCown
mike mccoy

​The Chargers Shouldn't Fire Mike McCoy (For His Goal-line Play-Calling)

The numbers actually back up McCoy's decision to pass four times on the goal line. Which doesn't mean there isn't a reason to fire him.
Ty Schalter