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Kamala Harris' Prosecutors Sent This Innocent Man to Prison for Murder. Now He's Talking

Dirty cops. A bogus eyewitness. Years in violent prisons. And a liberal politician whose star keeps rising.


Property Owners Can Do Basically Whatever They Want to Homeless People Now

In San Francisco, they're even getting the government's help.


The EPA Keeps Going After California. Trump Wants To Blame Homeless People.

The EPA’s letter alleged that raw sewage had made its way onto streets and beaches.


Trump’s EPA Is Very Concerned About Homeless People and Their Poop

The Trump administration sent an unusually strong message to California about its homelessness crisis: an environmental complaint.


Trump Is Going to War with California Because He Thinks Homeless People Are Polluting the Ocean

Trump is now threatening San Francisco with an environmental citation.


Trump Reportedly Wants to Destroy Homeless Camps in California. Officials Say He Doesn’t Have a Clue.

"The president doesn’t seem to have any grasp of the homeless crisis, not only in California, but around the country."


The Creators of the World's Longest-Running Webcam Are Pulling the Plug

FogCam, an early-internet project of two San Francisco State University alumni, has reached its end after 25 years.


California Is Desperately Trying to Hide Homeless People, Critics Say

A proposed policy would force those without homes to accept shelter, and people are pissed.


San Francisco's Vape 'Ban' Is Turning Into a War Over JUUL and Wokeness

Both sides are claiming the mantle of harm reduction in a fight with stakes for e-cigs across the country.


YouTube Exec Apologizes for Calling the Cops on Black Man: "My Father Was Murdered"

In a Medium post published Tuesday night, Christopher Cukor explained that his actions stem from that trauma in his past.


Trump Says Homelessness Is Super Sad for Office Workers

“Perhaps they like living that way. They cannot do that. We cannot ruin our cities,” Trump said.


Cities Keep Making Being Homeless A Crime. Is That Legal?

“If there’s nowhere else for you to go, the police cannot punish you for that behavior.” ​