San Francisco Housing


San Francisco May Soon Have the World's First Transgender Cultural District

The announcement comes after tension between activists and housing developers set to build luxury condos in a historically trans-friendly neighborhood.


Today San Francisco Votes on the Fate of Its Artists

The measure confronts an issue endemic to expensive cities around the world: how to keep artists from leaving when housing prices go up without raising taxes.


My Landlord Mom Refuses to Cash in on San Francisco's Insane Housing Market

In San Francisco's shitstorm of a housing market, the landlords who purchased homes before prices exploded now have the opportunity to cash in.


How San Francisco's Homeless Plan to Vote in 2016

California is home to one-third of the country's chronically homeless population. We talked to some of these often-overlooked voters to find out what they think about this week's primary race.


San Francisco Hates Airbnb, But Voted to Keep It Anyway

San Francisco residents voted down a measure that would have restricted short-term property rentals in the city. But the housing battle is far from over.