Sanctuary cities


An Undocumented Woman Gave Birth in a Church to Avoid ICE

Ingrid Encalada Latorre and her children have spent two years in a Colorado church that provides sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.


Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Want to Create 'Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn'

Multiple cities have introduced ordinances banning abortion—but they can't be enforced.


The Trump administration floated a plan to bus migrants to sanctuary cities

Trump confirmed the administration is still giving the plan "strong consideration" to punish the "Radical Left"


These Schools Are Taking Action to Keep ICE Out of the Classroom

Some loudly proclaim their "sanctuary" status. Others just quietly try to help kids learn how to avoid the feds.


YouTube removes Georgia GOP candidate’s “deportation bus” video for hate speech

Governor candidate Michael Williams plans to drive his "deportation bus" through sanctuary communities.


Texas's Sanctuary City Ban Has Trapped Immigrants in Terror

Immigrants and many cops dislike the law, but there's nothing they can do.


Jeff Sessions is waging a war against California’s “most radical extremists”

Hint: They're lawmakers determined to protect undocumented immigrants.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US sanctions North Korea over Kim's half brother's assassination, Stormy Daniels sues Trump, DOJ goes after California over sanctuary policies, and more.


Trump Administration Hints at Plans to Arrest Mayors Protecting Refugees

How you can help elected officials supporting sanctuary cities.


Trump Is Outraged an Undocumented Immigrant Just Got Acquitted of Murder

The president called the verdict "disgraceful" after making Kate Steinle's killing a centerpiece of his border wall proposal.


Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Nov. 20

Trump has been locked in an escalating war of words with Ball – a brash, self-promoting businessman – since Ball’s middle son, LiAngelo Ball, was released with two of his UCLA teammates from a Chinese jail earlier this month.