Photos of a Woman Trying to Make It in Japan’s Rope Bondage Scene

Milla Reika is the rare woman in the male-dominated world of 'shibari.'
Paul Hillier

I Ate Tacos and Talked About S&M with Fat Mike of NOFX

Despite his notorious “live fast, die young” lifestyle, Fat Mike still knows how to stop to take a moment and appreciate the joys of good food.
Javier Cabral
Sothern Exposure

Pictures from a 1986 San Diego Tattoo Expo

Tattoos in the 80s were still somewhat unique to alternative lifestyles.
Scot Sothern

France's Censorship Board Said 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is OK for 12-Year-Olds

Ratings board president Jean-Francois Mary said it's "a romance, you could even say schmaltzy."
Mike Pearl

A Conversation with the 'World's Most Controversial Jew'

I spoke to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about anal sex, Israel's controversial nation-state bill, and his former pupil Michael Jackson.
James Rippingale

Portraits of Suburban Hell

The artist, art director, and filmmaker uses her alter ego, Joyce, to create intriguing, unsettling scenes of suburban frustration, female isolation, and the hopeless fight against time-often surrounded by food, masks, and saturated soft furnishings.
Nell Frizzell
Remembering Things

Why Madonna's Unapologetic 'Bedtime Stories' Is Her Most Important Album

When Madonna found herself in the middle of a scandal 20 years ago, she apologized by saying she wasn't sorry with 'Bedtime Stories.'
Mary von Aue

Nathalie Daoust Photographs the Women of an Infamous Japanese S&M Love Hotel

She recently spoke with me about how she obtained permission to photograph, despite the place's no-photo policy, and how she got used to men in underwear being walked on a leash, among other things.
Tom Griggs

Photos from Toronto's Annual Everything to Do with Sex Show

Here's what sex in Canada looks like.
Nathan Cyprys

Welcome to the Tasteless World of Online Cannibalism

You probably remember that German case. A guy named Armin ate a guy named Bernd after they met on a forum. The forum was removed in 2003, but eCannibalism is still very much alive.
Julian Morgans
Dealer's Choice

Keep Your Tweezers to Yourself, Chef

Tweezer food in fancy restaurants can get out of control. Microgreens, the main culprit behind this trend, can get a bad rap. Food dealer Ian Purkayastha reveals the six tiny greens you should care about before it's time to give up and order White...
Munchies Staff

Watch This Eerily Erotic and Pretty Fucked-up 'American Ecstasy' Trailer

There isn't too much information available about 'American Ecstasy,' besides the fucked-up and strangely sexy trailer. To glean a little—and I mean just a little—insight on what the new film is about, I hit director Jonathan Leder up for a chat on the...
Wilbert L. Cooper