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The Wrong Conversation About School Shootings

A culture of hypervigilence and militarization isn't the same thing as gun control.
Harry Cheadle
3 days ago
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Father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim dies by apparent suicide

Jeremy Richman, father of the late Avielle Richman, was a staunch mental health advocate.
Emma Ockerman

Here’s how Baltimore got more than 1,000 guns off its street this week, including a rocket launcher

The city offered as much as $500 for automatic weapons, usable or not, and as little as $25 for high-capacity magazines.
Emma Ockerman
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The government is finally tracking school shootings. The numbers are alarming.

Shootings are most likely to take place on Friday mornings, according to the data.
Tess Owen
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"You’re all going to die": Parkland shooter’s chilling cell phone videos may clinch his death sentence

He planned to Uber to his former school, unload his guns, and start shooting.
Christianna Silva
Alex Jones

Sandy Hook parents are suing Alex Jones for calling the massacre a "giant hoax"

Three parents are suing Jones for defamation for claiming that the massacre was orchestrated and they are "crisis actors."
Taylor Dolven
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We Met With Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theorists and the Victims They Baselessly Attack

'The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement' talks to Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg and victims of the Sandy Hook and Sutherland Springs shootings.
Mack DeGeurin
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

This Is What Happens After Your School Shooting

You dread telling people where you're from.
Kelly Terifay
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Sandy Hook Families Are Still Fighting

As Americans turn on the NRA, a court is set to decide whether grieving families can sue the company that made the AR-15 used in the Newtown massacre.
Allie Conti
Crisis Actors

Where the ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Comes From

Victims of the Parkland shooting have been baselessly accused of being paid actors, thanks to a series of conspiracy theory bloggers after the Sandy Hook massacre.
Jason Koebler
VICE News Tonight on HBO

A Sandy Hook mom describes what it's like losing a child to gun violence

One Friday afternoon five years ago, Nelba Márquez-Greene sent two of her children to school in Newtown, Connecticut, and only got one back.
Amanda Pisetzner
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Sandy Hook families have one last chance to make gunmaker pay for massacre

Josh Marcus