Santa Clara

net neutrality

Pissed Off by Verizon, Firefighters Join the Fight to Restore Net Neutrality

First responders join a chorus of angry Americans tired of big telecom’s nonsense.
Karl Bode
Santa Clara

Verizon Incompetence and Greed Leaves Firefighters Throttled During Wildfire

Verizon has a long, ridiculous history of not understanding what “unlimited” means.
Karl Bode

Life's Not Too Bad When You're One of the Last Nuns in Spain

I spent a day at the convent of Santa Clara in Tolosa—one of Spain's last remaining convents.
Ura Iturralde
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Look at This Giant Foam Blob in California That Has Nothing to Do with Trump

The giant quivering mass of bubbles is currently enveloping a parking lot in Santa Clara, California.
Mike Pearl

Judge in Stanford Rape Case Removed From Another Sexual Assault Trial

Prosecutors said they lacked confidence that the judge who sentenced Brock Turner to six months in jail could "fairly participate" in an upcoming case.
Tess Owen

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Bernie Sanders denies Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in DC, Axl Rose asks Google to remove "fat" photos of him, and more.
Vice Beta
Super Bowl 50

My Time in the Oligarch Zone at Super Bowl 50

What do you get when you buy a $15,000 to Super Bowl 50? Lobster, the opportunity to be an arbitrage victim, moderate buyer's remorse, and a long walk home.
Ed Zitron
Super Bowl 50

It Could Happen Here: Super Bowl 50 As Terror Target

In the wake of last year's ISIS suicide bombing outside the Stade de France in Paris, a Super Bowl terror attack is no longer unthinkable. How will officials secure the game?
Ty Schalter

Aldon Smith Arrested Again

Troubled San Francisco 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith is in trouble with the law again.
Joseph Swide

The State of Augmented Reality in a Post-Google Glass World

Welcome to AR's fortress of solitude.
Emanuel Maiberg

STD Dating Site Faces $16.5M Fine for Misleading Its Members

A California jury decided that the owner of should pay damages for not keeping its members' information confidential, as advertised.
Kayla Ruble
crime & drugs

Chicago Accuses Johnson & Johnson and Others of Causing America’s Painkiller Addiction

Chicago’s is the second major municipal lawsuit within two weeks blaming big pharma for the rise in prescription opioid and heroin abuse.
Mary Emily O'Hara