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That Girl Still Believes in Santa, Despite Trump's Phone Call

She still left cookies out on Christmas Eve.
River Donaghey
The Noisey Advent Calendar

How an Early Christmas Single Helped Hip-Hop Explode

Kurtis Blow's 1979 track "Christmas Rappin'" was proof that rap had a place in the money-or-nothing recording industry. It was also just really sweet.
Alex Robert Ross
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Santa Rips Off His Beard and Yells ‘Get the Fuck Out’ After Fire Alarm Goes Off

"He came charging in, ripped his hat and beard off in front of 50-odd kids and started shouting and swearing at people to leave."
Drew Schwartz
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Gucci Mane Is Better Than Santa Claus

Santa keeps tabs on you all year, and nobody's ever asked how much those elves are paid. Put your faith in Guwop instead.
Alex Robert Ross

‘Bad Santa’ Is a Heartwarming Holiday Film About Overcoming Male Impotence

“Are you saying there’s something wrong with my gear? Is that what you’re saying?”
James Charisma

Meet the Coca-Cola-Obsessed Woman Who Made Her House Into a Soda Shrine

Maybe you "like" soda, but you ain't seen nothing until you've visited Pat Reidy's over-the-top domain of Coca-Cola worship in Veracruz, Mexico. This is obsession.
Bruno Villar

Porn Stars Tell Us What It's Like to Play Santa

In the X-rated corners of the internet, the holidays mean one thing: Santa porn.
Mark Hay
daily vice

This Children's Book Is All About a Black, Gay Santa Claus

VICE sat down with author Daniel Kibblesmith to hear how 'Santa's Husband' came to be, and how folks are reacting to it.
VICE Staff
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Professional Santa

"Children still respect Santa. Drunks don't."
Rebecca Baden

The Netherlands Just Had Its Annual Holiday Fight over Blackface

We went inside a protest against "Zwarte Piet," the Netherlands' most problematic Christmas character.
Rokhaya Seck
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This Town Just Wants Its Toddler-Flipping, Tattooed Mall Santa Back

An army of Santa Scott's fans are outraged after a Pennsylvania mall told him to tone down his photoshoots.
Drew Schwartz
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A Skydiving Santa Came to Town and Crash-Landed on a Florida Beach

And a crowd of horrified onlookers caught the whole thing on camera.
Drew Schwartz