I Tried to Find a Record Store in Cuba and Ended Up Participating in a Santeria Ritual

Hunting for records in Santiago, Cuba taught me about the beauty of the chase in a place where vinyl has nearly gone extinct.
David Garber
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We Meet a Cuban Jazz Singer Who Practices Santeria on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then i-D follows a group of trans women who represent New York's first trans modeling agency.
VICE Staff

Your Local Shelter Probably Won't Let You Adopt a Black Cat Around Halloween

You really can't, and it's "because apparently there are bad people," one shelter vaguely told us.
Mike Pearl

Explore Princess Nokia's Feminist Utopia in Her New Video for 'Young Girls'

In Princess Nokia's new video for the track "Young Girls," a diverse tribe of mothers, sisters, and baby girls live and play in a female-centered paradise.
Barbara Calderón-Douglass
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Stream Princess Nokia's Debut: 'Metallic Butterfly'

This is the best shit you will hear all summer.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Santería Is Cuba's New Favorite Religion

After its centuries of underground existence, Santería is becoming an open practice, with participation coming from all levels of society. Representing a shared identity, Santería is a cultural inheritance, a dynamic form of worship, a religion...
Phil Clarke Hill

I Sacrificed a Chicken and Drank Vinegar in the Name of Megan Fox

As a feminist, I want to love Megan Fox for calling out Michael Bay's sexism, but as a sane human being I struggle to love a woman who considers Red Lobster her favorite restaurant. But eccentricity is a quality we tolerate in male stars, so I decided...
Emalie Marthe