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Criminal Justice

What 'Serial' Gets Alarmingly Correct About Being Black in America

As a queer Black Clevelander, the podcast's new season investigating criminal justice in Cleveland clarifies a lifetime of racist interactions with police.
Prince Shakur

'Serial' Producer Julie Snyder on the Freedom and Power of Podcasting

She's the woman responsible for the most popular podcast on earth. We called her up to ask what's next, and what role the genre could play in the so-called New America.
Emma Watts
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Adnan Syed's Lawyer Is Trying to Get Him Out on Bail

Syed's lawyer has filed a motion to get him out on bail just a few months after a Baltimore judge granted the 'Serial' subject a new trial.
Lauren Messman
Crime & Drugs

Here’s the Evidence Adnan Syed From ‘Serial’ Used to Argue He Deserves a New Murder Trial

Syed’s defense presented two key arguments in the post-conviction petition, including the allegation that Syed’s 1999 trial counsel was fatally ineffective.
Annalies Winny
Crime & Drugs

This Is the Evidence the Jury in Adnan Syed's 'Serial' Murder Case Never Heard

An attorney testifying for the defense during hearings last week said the evidence could have "changed the ballgame's result" if it was used during the trial.
Annalies Winny
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'Serial' Is Going Biweekly to Allow for Additional Reporting

That means every other week, not twice a week.
River Donaghey
middle east

Bowe Bergdahl Is Going to Face a Court-Martial Trial on Desertion Charges

After a three-month preliminary hearing, desertion and misbehavior charges against the 29-year-old soldier who walked off his Army base in Afghanistan were referred for a full trial.
Liz Fields

Bowe Bergdahl Explains Why He Walked Off His Afghan Military Base in New 'Serial' Podcast

The soldier accused of deserting his unit in Afghanistan in 2009 says he wanted to highlight military leaders' incompetence, and to be a Jason Bourne-type figure, in new season of popular podcast series.
Liz Fields

Surprise! 'Serial' Is Back and Taking You to Afghanistan

Detectives, dust off those armchairs and get your hot takes ready. Sarah Koenig is back.
Beckett Mufson
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The New Season of 'Serial' Started This Morning

It focuses on the story of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the US soldier who allegedly deserted his post during the Afghanistan War and wound up spending five years in Taliban captivity.
River Donaghey

Adnan Syed from 'Serial' May Be Inching Closer to Receiving a New Trial

A Monday ruling offers hope of new witness testimony for the man convicted of murder in 2000.
Mike Pearl

Maryland Prosecutors Are Standing Behind Their Conviction of 'Serial' Suspect Adnan Syed

Prosecutors urged a Maryland court to deny Adnan Syed's request for appeal on Wednesday, rejecting his claim that his lawyer was ineffective and didn't help him negotiate a plea deal.
Allie Conti