Sashimi Salad Recipe

A simple homemade ponzu dressing is what really makes this salad special. That, and fresh fish.
Masa Takayama

Why Korean Sushi Is Better Than Japanese

It is only a matter of time until hwe dup bap gets discovered by young entrepreneurs and becomes the next poke.
Javier Cabral

Watch Action Bronson Eat Tuna Spinal Fluid and Smoked Veal Brain in France

In the final installment of 'From Paris with Love,' Action leaves Paris for rural France. And drinks a ton of wine.
Munchies Staff

How Being a Former Olympian Runner Turned Me into a DIY Sushi Master

It’s my dream to one day have a party with an all-women sushi team across the street from Sukiyabashi Jiro in Japan and be like, “What up! Look at how much fun we are having over here!”
Michael Stember

London Chefs Are Going Crazy Over an Herb That Tastes Like Shoegaze

A Japanese member of the mint family, shiso's flavor is more shoegaze than death rock. The spearmint notes don’t smash themselves across your lips—this is a slow seduction of the tongue. “I use it every day in our sashimi rolls,” says London chef Gohei...
Gareth May

Pig Sashimi and Foraged Seaweed: Celebrating the Ocean with an Indigenous Taiwanese Tribe

I joined Taiwan's Amis tribe at its annual Ocean Festival, where we ate seaweed collected from tide pools and raw pork thigh doused in soy sauce.
Clarissa Wei

Eat Like a Japanese Person If You Want to Live Longer

In 2005, Japan released its “spinning top” diet, which emphasized water, tea, and exercise above all, but also a balanced intake of grains, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of fish and meat.
Nick Rose

MUNCHIES Presents: Taiwan's Funeral Feasts

When a friend or relative passes away in Taiwan, you won't go hungry at their funeral. Watch as we attend a ceremonial feast prepared by traditional "village chefs."
Joshua Frank

Japan Says Sayonara to Raw Pork

While people in the West are slowly warming to the idea of medium-rare swine, Japan's ministry of health has announced a ban on restaurants serving raw or undercooked pork.
Munchies Staff
New York

New York's Health Department Wants to Freeze All of Its Sushi

The NY Department of Health is currently considering new requirements that would mandate that all raw fish used for sushi be frozen—but most of it likely already is.
Hilary Pollack

How-To: Make Raw Fish Salad

Chefs Lee Tiernan and Brandon prove that with nice fish and some shaved vegetables, you can make a raw fish salad so good that even your sushi-fearing friends will eat.
Munchies Staff and Lee Tiernan