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This morning, an Arizona man has been convicted of conspiring to support an Islamic State attack, North Korea has defied UN sanctions again by launching ballistic missiles, and more.
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Tracking the Online Life of a Female ISIS Recruiter from the UK

Umm Muthanna al-Britannia has documented her defection to the "Islamic State" on social media. From ISIS controlled territory in Syria, she recently tweeted, "I came here to die. I will not leave till I get what I came here for..."
Simon Cottee

Saudi Arabia Walks a Fine Line in Giving More Rights to Women

As Saudi women prepare to vote and run for office for the first time, many believe that it is critical for the ruling family to avoid liberalizing society in a way that could drive more conservative-minded Saudis to extremism.
Colleen Curry
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UN Says Deadly Saudi-Led Coalition Attack in Yemen Killed Mostly Women and Children

The airstrike hit wedding tents in which women and children had gathered separately from men. As many as 135 people were reportedly killed.
Samuel Oakford

131 Civilians Reported Killed After Airstrike Hits Wedding Party in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition denied responsibility for the incident, which is believed to be the deadliest attack yet on civilians in Yemen's ongoing war.
Reuters and VICE News
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Saudi Arabia Blamed for Friendly Fire Incidents and Civilian Deaths in Yemen

A Saudi-led airstrike reportedly killed seven fighters loyal to Yemen’s ousted president on Tuesday, an incident that coincided with a UN report about mounting civilian casualties.
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On The Line: David Enders Discusses the Islamic State, Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East

VICE News correspondent David Enders joined 'On The Line' to discuss the latest news from Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East.
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Saudi King Salman Showers Citizens with $32 Billion Despite Predicted Budget Deficit

The new monarch’s post-coronation handout is a winner with locals, but experts say falling oil prices will make such lavish spending unsustainable.
Harriet Salem

Gunmen Carjacked Saudi Prince's Motorcade for $335,000 and 'Sensitive' Documents

The heavily armed Paris assailants dramatically made off with cash, embassy papers, and one of the convoy's vehicles.
Jordan Larson
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America's 'Secret' Drone Base in Saudi Arabia Is Growing

It's dozens of miles from the closest road, and even farther from the nearest village. And it's getting bigger.
Brian Anderson