Wellness Lies

The Infrared Sauna Is Not a Weight Loss Tool

The spas that market them that way are getting a little too bold.
Kimberly Truong
You're Smarter Than That

There's No Such Thing as 'Sweating Out Toxins'

"Doesn’t smelly sweat mean something evil is leaving my body?"
Tracey Duncan

I Ate a Big, Sweaty Whopper at a Finnish Burger King Sauna

If want to experience a unique, exhilarating kind of nausea, this sauna can be temporarily yours for $270.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Soaked in Coffee-Flavored Hot Springs and a Sweet Potato Sauna in Taiwan

The Chuan Tang Spring Spa Hotel features pools flavored with coffee, tea, milk, lemongrass, and Chinese herbs, giving me the feeling of being slowly cooked in a vat of chicken broth.
Clarissa Wei
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Burger King Has a Dine-in Sauna so You Can Sweat While You Eat a Whopper

The sauna is apparently big enough for 15 people, and is perfect for work events, birthdays, or anything else you want to gather people in a Burger King sauna for.
Helen Donahue

The Things I See Working at a French Sex Sauna

Locked G-strings for men, French celebrities, and husbands using flashlights to check if the guys having sex with their wives are wearing a condom.
Anonymous, as told to Tristan Chafouin

I Went to a Bathhouse to Figure Out Why Bathhouses Still Exist

The naked man sitting across from me has slicked-back hair and Ric Flair's skin. I am trying to figure out the appeal of the Hastings Steam & Sauna.
Lonnie Nadler

This Is What a Night in North London's Top Swingers' Sauna Is Like

It's surprising how quickly you get used to a hefty stranger's hairy balls dangling in front of your face.
John Lucas

I Steam-Cleaned My Vagina

I hovered over a pot of hot water filled with special herbs for almost half an hour, because sometimes your vagina needs to get pampered.
Arielle Pardes

Can We Make Gay Bathhouses Cool Again?

Business hasn't been great for bathhouses lately. But Dennis Holding, the 75-year-old president of the North American Bathhouse Association, has a plan to get young gay men off Grindr and back into steam rooms.
Brian Moylan

There's Still Something Mythical About Small-Town Finland

Five photographers traveled to Kainuu in Northeast Finland, the birthplace of the <i>Kalevala</i>, and explored the mythology through contemporary photography. I called up one of the guys, Aapo, to chat about the project.
Caisa Ederyd

I Went to a Retreat for Young British Nudists

After a youth of accidental, drunken nudism, I decided to see what the movement was actually all about and headed to a Young British Naturist's retreat at the Clover Spa & Hotel.
Sam Briggs