Savage Living


El Pastor

Jose Antonio Galvan (aka El Pastor) runs a clinic for the mentally ill outside Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.


Savage Living - Life on the Otherside

Chadd McKeen, the owner of Otherside Farms, explains the myriad health benefits of medical marijuana.


Savage Living - El Infiltrator

We head down to the border to meet up with Celerino Castillo III, a former undercover DEA agent who specialized in taking down drug dealers all over Mexico and the Americas.


On-the-Set with Oliver Stone - The Grow House

Oliver Stone explains how they made lots of fake pot plants look real for the grow house scenes in 'Savages.'


On-the-Set with Oliver Stone - The Dustbowl

Oliver Stone talks about the joys of shooting some scenes for 'Savages' in the middle of nowhere.


A Look Inside

A behind-the-scenes look at the twisted story of the new film 'Savages.'