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How I Paid off $40k of Credit Card Debt | Created With GEICO

Making sure you never spend more than you can comfortably pay off is key.
FREE Staff
debt diaries

How I Paid Off the Debt From Financing My Own Film - Created With GEICO

There are often creative ways to make extra cash.
FREE Staff

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals—Even When Your Motivation Runs Low

Smash your money goals without giving up your lattes by spending intentionally, finding smart ways to save, and boosting your income.
Amanda Bert
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Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

Savings tips are classist garbage and belong in the trash.
Talia Jane

I Conquered My Debt to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

I felt more in the four months I was on the trail than I had in the 20-plus years that came before then. But to realize my dream, it took an education in frugality to claw me out of financial ruin.
Ayesha Cording

How to Find a Therapist You Can Actually Afford

With a single session costing as much as $300 in some cities, mental health care can feel more like a privilege than a right. We asked practitioners and patients alike for tips on how to make it work.
Ilana Novick
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Impatience Is Making You Broke

The old saying "haste makes waste" applies to your wallet as well. Here are 25 ways to save money just by slowing down.
Anita Hamilton

How to Save the Most Money on Sports Tickets

Watching Serena Williams slam some triple-digit mph serves doesn’t have to empty your wallet.
Ryan Lynch

The Radical Economics of Lending Your Friends Money

Lending circles have allowed poor people to pool resources in cultures around the world. So why aren't they more used in the US?
Dakota Kim
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Monkeys Know More About Money Than You Do

They don't know everything, but monkeys, squirrels, and birds are often smarter about personal finance than humans. Here are a few lessons from the animal kingdom.
Becky Ferreira
Money Goals

What It's Like to Leave Your Family Behind to Pursue a Dream Job in Silicon Valley

This software engineer from India gave up everything he knew to secure his family's financial future.
Anita Hamilton

Summer Flights That Won't Cost Your Entire Paycheck

You can splurge once you get there.
Melissa Locker