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Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

Savings tips are classist garbage and belong in the trash.
Talia Jane
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The Real Reason Why You're Bad With Money

Hint: It’s not because you’re dumb, lazy or naïve.
Anita Hamilton
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People Told Us the Hilariously Cheap Things They Do to Save Money

From rinsing out used paper towels to dumpster diving for a new couch, here are the sometimes embarrassing—and always clever—ways we avoid spending even a penny more than absolutely necessary.
Jubilee Baez
Vice Blog

How Much Money Would You Need to Retire Right Now?

*Assuming you're debt-free, really good at investing, and don't mind living like a monk.
Drew Millard

The Harsh Reality of Being Broke

Here's a brief list of things that I'm finding impossible right now: looking good, having sex, maintaining friendships, having decent self-esteem, and having hope for the future.
Jordan Foisy

Millennials Explain Why They Moved Back in with Their Parents

"I just can't stomach paying $1,400 to live in a room when I could live in a house for free."
Arielle Pardes

How to Deal with Living with Your Parents in Your 20s

Moving in with the people who made you is actually great if you're not a big human baby about it.
Sophie Bauer

Does Renting into Your 30s Make You a Giant Failed Adult Baby?

It's possible to have a fulfilling, financially stable life that doesn't involve home ownership, but you better be prepared to learn a lot about investing.
Emma Do

The A to Zs of Living with Your Parents While Going to College

It doesn't have to be terrible. (But it probably will be.)
VICE Staff