sex abuse

Hundreds of Kids Across the Country Were Abused at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Report Reveals

In one instance, a fifth-grade boy tried to report abuse, but employees didn’t tell police.
Carter Sherman
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Is Facing Another Crisis: No One Knows Who's Going to Be Governor Next

“I have no interest in occupying the post of governor,” next-in-line Wanda Vázquez tweeted.
Alex Lubben
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Robert Kraft’s alleged sex tape is a big test for Florida’s open records laws

Why the NFL team owner is now fighting the release of the incriminating tape in his solicitation case.
James Surowiecki
Late Capitalism

The College Bribery Scam Reveals How Rich People Use 'Charity' to Cheat

Anand Giridharadas explains how alleged payoffs to test takers and athletic coaches are part of a larger ecosystem of elite hypocrisy.
Ankita Rao
Jersey, Sure

Corruption Is Rampant and New Jersey Is Cool with It

A dirty Democrat who was prosecuted for flagrant favor-trading can thank Donald Trump for taking the heat off.
Alex Norcia
Scott Pruitt

Dems want the FBI to investigate Pruitt for trying to get his wife a Chick-fil-A franchise

"We formally request that the FBI open an investigation into Administrator Scott Pruitt’s conduct to assess whether he broke the law," the letter reads.
Alex Lubben
Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is the target of no less than 10 federal investigations

Here are the big probes currently roiling Pruitt’s scandal-ridden EPA.
Alex Lubben
chain restaurants

Even Waffle House Has Got Itself a Sex Scandal in 2018

The wholesome breakfast chain is now entrenched in sex, lies, and videotape.
Jelisa Castrodale
Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt kicked back with conservative media after day of rough headlines

The embattled EPA chief knows where to turn when he wants some friendly press.
Alex Lubben

Here are all the new Scott Pruitt controversies from just the last day

Private jets, raises for his favorite staffers, and other fresh news about the EPA chief.
Alex Lubben

South African president refusing to step down over corruption scandal

Whatever happens, it looks like Jacob Zuma's days are numbered.
Tim Hume

Trump's Feud with a Military Widow Reveals a Lot About His White House

The president's phone call to Myeshia Johnson has turned into a weeklong scandal because of his administration's dysfunction.
Harry Cheadle