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Ginger is the Root for Good Health

Skin, stomach, joints...ginger wants to help you all over.
Samantha Lefave

Why These People Go Through Agony to Intentionally Scar Their Faces

The process involves cutting out skin using a scalpel, before rubbing the open wounds with peroxide or lemon juice. Unsurprisingly, it's incredibly painful.
Lulu Kadhim

Cutting into a Guy's Face with the World's Most Famous Body Modification Artist

It wasn't until Luna Cobra was almost finished the scarification that I realized I was watching a stranger get his face cut up.
Maddison Connaughton

People Tell Us the Stories Behind Their Most Gruesome Scars

Martin Rost photographed scars and penned the stories behind them.
Paul Garbulski

What This Artist Does with Scars Is Beautiful

Hélène Gugenheim makes vulnerability—and healing—her canvas.
Julia Lourie

How Tattoos Can Ease the Emotional Pain of Self-Harm Scars

Instead of covering scars up with long sleeves, some choose to reclaim their scars or repurpose them into tattoos.
Serena Solomon

A Babysitter in Virginia Tattooed the Kids He Was Meant to Be Watching

A babysitter tattooed some kids against their will. Their mom's attempt at removal "didn’t help the situation any. It added more scarring," according to the cops. She and her boyfriend now face criminal charges of malicious wounding.
Mike Pearl
Boyle's Brains

Slapstick Reel of My Life

A drunk driver rear-ended my mom’s car. It was night and his lights were off. My mom was driving. I heard her yell my name, then the words “control” and “steering wheel.” Something collided with my head and my face felt wet. This is but one highlight...
Megan Boyle
The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

Man Fight

Backstage, a grizzled older man is standing on a foldout table saying, "Listen up, here are the rules!" The young, sweatsuited fighters look up politely from their massages and hand-taping.
Lisa Carver, Photos: Keith Newell