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Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Was Going to Harvard. Then His Old Messages with Racial Slurs Surfaced.

He said Harvard rescinded his acceptance Monday.
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school shooting

Columbine Survivor and Addiction Advocate Austin Eubanks Found Dead in His Home

Eubanks was 17 at the time of the school shooting in Colorado.
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school shooting

What We Know About the Colorado School Shooting Suspects

One teenage boy was killed, and eight others wounded, in the attack on Tuesday.
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school shooting

The FBI is searching for a Columbine-obsessed woman who flew to Colorado and bought a shotgun

She forced all Denver-area schools into lockdown a few days ahead of the massacre's 20th anniversary.
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Parkland parents are in emergency mode after second shooting survivor takes own life

The student, a 16-year-old boy whose name has not been made public, was the second Parkland survivor to take his own life in the space of a week.
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The Psychological Effects of Grieving on Social Media

Facebook has transformed the way a lot of people experience loss and express grief. But is it helpful?
Lea Surugue
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Sandy Hook parents can now sue gunmaker of rifle used in school shooting

The case has the potential to bring seismic shifts to the world of gun rights and gun control.
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This Texas school district is considering setting up its own police force. Over 200 others already have.

School-based police departments can give administrators more control over how officers are tasked and who they're accountable to.
Joshua Hersh
Alexander Stockton
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A Florida Republican is trying to gut the state’s post-Parkland gun control laws

“What was passed last year did absolutely nothing to stop what it intended to, and that was mass shootings at our schools,” the lawmaker said.
Tess Owen
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Trans Student Blocked from Both Locker Rooms During School Safety Drill

She was forced to sit alone on the bleachers while her classmates and teachers huddled together inside.
Drew Schwartz

How Two British Boys Planned to Shoot Up Their School

Inspired by the Columbine school shooting, 14-year-olds Thomas Wyllie and Alex Bolland decided to take revenge on the people they felt had wronged them.
James Nolan

Fox News: We Can Save Kids From School Shooters By Shooting Schools With This Water Cannon

A Fox News video is seriously advocating the use of a militarized water cooler cannon as a way to evacuate kids from schools.
Daniel Oberhaus