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Ray Guns, 'The X-Files', and Groot | This Week in Comics

Outer space, time travel, and other tales of scientific wonder fill this week’s best comics.


Meet FEMM, the Sentient Mannequin J-Pop Supergroup

Do you like dance music but wish it were performed by glamorous robots in space-age catsuits?


The 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer Is Here, but What Does It Mean?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in his most famous role—the time-traveling robotic assassin known as the Terminator. The first trailer for the new film is out, so we looked at just how similar this film might be to its predecessors.


Envoy #2: Blowing Up Robot Sentries

Sparta and her animal companion Grak are raiding weapons silos in a future wasteland.


Envoy - Part 1

Do you ever feel like sci-fi comics were best before the mid 80s and long for the days of Heavy Metal and Omni? If so check out this guy Lane Milburn's new comic.


Star Trek

Space: the final frontier. It's hot, there's no gravity, everyone is horny, and our Star Trek friends are ready to rip off their polyester shirts and “energize.”