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Scientist Published Papers Based on 'Rick and Morty' to Expose Predatory Academic Journals

Predatory academic journals peddle fake science for a quick buck, and scientists are fighting back.


43 Percent of Canadians Say Science Is a ‘Matter of Opinion’

In a new survey, nearly half say the science of global warming is unclear.


Study That Claimed AI Could Determine a Person’s Sexuality Is Under Ethical Review

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is reexamining a Stanford study after it received significant backlash.


There Are Now 8,000 Fake Science ‘Journals’ Worldwide, Researchers Say

Researchers from high-profile institutions are falling for these scams.


AAAS CEO to Young Scientists: Speak Up. Keep Focused. Carry On.

Rush Holt, former Congressman and physicist, explains how scientists should move forward under the Trump Administration.


Fake Science News Is Just As Bad As Fake News

A Canadian journalist set out to get a fake article published in a scientific journal.


Anonymous Internet Vigilantes Are Taking Peer Review Into Their Own Hands

PubPeer users went from discussing papers to hunting down fraud—and have embroiled the site in the most important internet privacy case you've never heard of.


Hacker Steals Passwords for Science Site EurekAlert!, Leaks Embargoed News

The site has been taken down to stop more embargoed news being leaked.


How Climate Change Denial Still Gets Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

One of the world's biggest climate change deniers just published a paper that scientists are calling "complete trash." So how did it pass peer review?


Uncovering Fraudulent Research Could Be As Easy As Looking At Language

Flowery language may actually be the best way to tell if a study is complete bullshit.


Scientists Are Still Using Facebook to Study Human Behavior

Public outcry isn't enough to get researchers to lay off massive datasets about human behavior that are ripe for the picking.


China Is Officially a World Science Superpower

China's investment in science is paying off with a skyrocketing number of academic papers of increasing scientific importance.