Chinese CRISPR Scientist Who Allegedly Edited Infants’ Genes Is Reportedly Missing

Local Chinese media says the controversial scientist has been placed under “house arrest” by a Shenzhen university which has since denied the claim.
Sarah Emerson
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Trump’s Comments on Climate Change Report Debunked by Scientist Who Wrote It

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe took to Twitter to fact-check claims by Trump and the White House about the major climate change report.
Sarah Emerson
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Thieves Allegedly Took This Homemade Yellow Submarine for a Joyride

The local fire department ended up having to pull the thing out of the San Francisco Bay.
Adam Forrest
Future Days

Can Dubstep’s Legacy Be Rescued from the Fart Chamber of History?

Looking back at three seminal compilations, it's possible to imagine a world where the genre stuck to its roots and avoided the bros.
Drew Millard

Scientists Say Climate Change Might Not Be Destroying Coffee Plantations After All

A new study from the University of Exeter throws cold coffee on the theory that climate change has caused the bean-destroying coffee rust fungus to spread, destroying plantations in Central and South America.
Phoebe Hurst

Meet the 28-Year-Old Geneticist Fighting the Future of Superbugs

The World Health Organization says by 2050, infections caused by ultra-resistant bacteria will be the leading cause of death, but this French scientist may have found the solution.
Nathalie Lagerfield

Meet the Illustrator Behind The Cover of the 1982 Dub Reggae Classic ‘Scientist Wins the World Cup’

Jamaica didn’t qualify for the 1982 FIFA World Cup but Tony McDermott’s cover suggests otherwise.
Tim Scott

Canada Just Announced More Money for Its Young Scientists

After speaking out to Motherboard, young scientists get some good news.
Kate Lunau
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Most Humans Are Aroused by Robots, Study Says

More than 90 percent of the participants showed some kind of arousal after touching the bot's butt and robo-cock area.
Gabriella Lewis
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Ellen Page Shares Her Hopes for Her New Show 'GAYCATION' on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then we get an exclusive look at the Creators Project's new documentary about an artist who documents underwater surveillance sites, and Motherboard meets the premier frog expert of India.
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Why Booze and Cigarettes Go So Well Together

In a new study from the University of Missouri’s Department of Neurology, researchers claim that cigarettes cancel out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol, causing the two to “feed off one another.”
Phoebe Hurst

Meet the Woman Who Keeps 'The X-Files' Scientifically Sound

Anne Simon—the virologist who served as a science consultant on the original 'X-Files' and helped write the upcoming miniseries—talks the science that made you want to believe.
Jonathan Peltz