Arctic temperatures are so high they’re shocking scientists

Meanwhile, it's snowing in Rome.


The EPA Tried to ‘Delegitimize Science,’ so Scientists Sued the Government

You know things are getting weird when scientists decide to sue a major federal agency.


Scientists discovered a hidden chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid

A 100-foot long void was discovered in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. Scientists from the ScanPyramids project announced their find Thursday.


There's Now a Whistleblower Hotline for Scientists Working Under the Trump Administration

A political advocacy group, 314, set up the hotline with a law firm to help scientists raise alarms if needed.


You Need a Superhuman Memory to Fill Out Trump's New Visa Survey

Some applicants will have to provide 15 years of detailed info on travel, residency, and employment—plus their social media handles and email addresses.


This group is prepping scientists to run for office in response to Trump

The Trump administration’s attempts to suppress and discredit research on climate change has become a call to action for many usually apolitical scientists.


Canada Is Considering Gender Quotas For Major Research Positions

The Naylor report examines problems faced by young researchers who felt shut out of the system.


Let’s Remember Exxon’s Extremely Fucked Up Response to Its Catastrophic Oil Spill

After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Exxon launched a ruthless crusade to intimidate and discredit government scientists.


3,000 Scientists Have Asked for Help Running for Office to Oppose Trump

A nonprofit organization dedicated to getting more scientists elected has been overwhelmed by the response from the scientific community.


Andrew Arreak Is Helping Inuit and Arctic Researchers Work Together

A community-led project called Ikaarvik prioritizes traditional Inuit knowledge.


In the Age of ‘Alternative Facts,’ Scientists March in Defense of Evidence

Typically apolitical, scientists felt compelled to defend their work outside the AAAS conference in Boston.