10 Great Cities for Finding a Job in 2019

If getting a better gig is on your to-do list for 2019, and you're open to moving somewhere new, here are some of the top places to look.


Harvey Weinstein Is Getting Slapped in Restaurants Now

A man backhanded the disgraced Hollywood mogul in Arizona while his friend filmed the run-in.


Ogle These Fluorescent, Face-Melting Paintings

Oliver Hibert's highlighter-hued figure drawings evoke an organized acid trip.


[Exclusive] Golden Light Flows Like Water in Hanging Installation

A tangle of lights rises from the water in Grimanosa Amorós' new installation, 'Golden Waters.'


The Implausibly Quick Rise of the 'Most Followed' Photographer in the World

Christopher Cashak is a photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona, with an unbelievable number of followers on social media. No, literally. It's unbelievable.


A Visit to Rob Zombie's Haunted House... on Acid!

It's recommended to be in a safe, familiar place when you're tripping so that you won't lose self-control from overstimulation. That makes a haunted house easily the worst place to drop acid.


Amy’s Baking Company's Grand Reopening Nearly Bored Me to Death

In some kind of misguided attempt to renew their brand, Amy and Samy of the infamous Amy's Baking Company hired a PR guy and decided to have a relaunch. Since I work right down the street from the restaurant, I decided to drop in.