Democrats Are Spending Millions on Facebook to Tap Voter Rage Over the Supreme Court

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has poured $1 million into Facebook in the past 90 days.
David Uberti

Joe Biden tried another Anita Hill apology. Here's how it went.

More than a quarter-century later, he says ”she did not get a fair hearing.”
Carter Sherman
supreme court

Roe v. Wade Is About to Face Its Biggest Challenge Yet

If Supreme Court justices don't halt a Louisiana law threatening to shutter the state's remaining abortion clinics, they'll send a signal to anti-choice lawmakers that Roe v. Wade is no longer enforceable.
Marie Solis

Department of Defense Uses 'Categories' of Transgender People to Defend Ban

In emails, the DoD insisted that their proposed transgender policy is not a ban, because trans people can serve—as long as they don’t transition.
Diana Tourjée

Anti-Abortion Movement Rebrands as 'Pro-Science,' Despite Existing Science

This year's March for Life features a slogan anti-abortion advocates hope will emphasize what they see as a scientific basis for denying women abortion.
Marie Solis

Supreme Court Could Take on Fetal Burial Abortion Case

A conservative-leaning Supreme Court may decide to take on an anti-abortion law with implications for Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
net neutrality

Supreme Court Judges Have Too Many Conflicts of Interest to Reconsider Net Neutrality

Three justices wanted to reconsider a lower court’s decision on net neutrality, but couldn’t get a majority because two other conservative justices had conflicts of interest and had to recuse themselves.
Kaleigh Rogers
supreme court

Supreme Court Could Accept Its First Abortion Case with Kavanaugh on the Bench

The Supreme Court is currently deciding if it will weigh in on a longstanding battle over whether states can block funds to Planned Parenthood.
Marie Solis
supreme court

Activists Made into a Resource for Sexual Assault Victims

Grassroots organization Fix the Court bought, .net, and .org to declare "We believe survivors."
Marie Solis
Brett Kavanaugh

4 big Supreme Court cases Brett Kavanaugh will face this term

The Supreme Court will be hearing hot button cases on immigration, the death penalty, civil asset forfeiture, and tech monopolies.
Isabella McKinley Corbo
supreme court

What Would It Take for Brett Kavanaugh to Be Impeached?

Democrats could investigate newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh if they regain control of the House in November—but the threshold for impeachment is high.
Marie Solis
supreme court

As Kavanaugh Prepares for First Case, Ford Receives 'Unending' Death Threats

A steady stream of death threats has left Christine Blasey Ford unable to return to her home weeks after coming forward with sexual assault allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Marie Solis