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We Asked a Therapist Why We Grieve Celebrities Like We Knew Them

The grief for a celebrity once they’re gone might take up more emotional space than the feelings we had about them when they were alive.
Rajul Punjabi
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Binge-Watching Everything Is Messing With Our Heads

The psychology behind your obsession with finishing that season of 'Black Mirror.'
Oset Babur
mental health

The 'Woke' Men on TV Still Have a Long Way to Go

Schmidt from 'New Girl' desperately needs therapy.
Austin Williams
Rajul Punjabi
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Watch the 10 Best Tonic Videos of 2017

We've put together a list of our favorite videos of this year for your viewing pleasure.
Tonic Staff
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These Films Accurately Portray People Living With Rare Diseases

They're sipping wine, smoking, and mumbling to each other—viewers assume this is the dregs of a wild night out, but it's two parents talking about their newborn.
Oset Babur
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Gaga Gets Candid About Her Pain in New Netflix Doc

“They say sometimes it’s like open-heart heart surgery, making music. It’s invasive."
Sarah Kasbeer
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'BoJack Horseman' Nails What It's Like to Hate Yourself

His self-loathing and suicidal thoughts are all too real for someone who relates.
Emma Sarappo
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Facebook Users Created a Fake Swine Flu Epidemic

The public frenzy in Myanmar distracted from more dire health threats.
Eli Meixler
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Your Phone Is a Low-Key Libido Murderer

Our devices are degrading our health in ways we might not even realize.
Nadja Sayej
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There Are Easier Ways to Feel Better Than Quitting Social Media

A psychologist suggests a less drastic plan to alleviate your phone-induced anxiety.
Emily Cassel