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Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find

“Session replay scripts” can be used to log (and then playback) everything you typed or clicked on a website.
Louise Matsakis
last week in art

George R.R. Martin Announced Not Four but FIVE Game of Thrones Spin-offs

The author took to his personal blog to update fans about new scripts in the works.
Nathaniel Ainley

This Playwright Brings the Pain and Power of the Black Experience to the Stage

We caught up with first-time playwright Cyrus Aaron about his stellar debut, 'Someday,' which explores what it's like to live under the shadow of racism in America.
Wilbert L. Cooper

There’s Now a Script to Block Genius from Annotating Your Website

After people complained that News Genius could be a vector for harassment, Vijith Assar wrote a tool that would block it.
Sarah Jeong

Hack This: How to Send an Email from Python

Automating your email doesn't get much easier.
Michael Byrne

A Q&A With the Redditor Who Made a Sexy Spam Bot Short-Circuit

If I was a bot, why would I be wearing this hat?
Rachel Pick

Hackers Exploited Yahoo’s Flash Ads for Six Whole Days

Yahoo’s exploited ads should put another nail in Flash’s coffin.
Clinton Nguyen

One of the Meanest Girls of All Time: A New 'Mean Girls' Script Featuring Rappers

'Mean Girls' turned ten this past week, so we had to figure out a way to connect it to music.
Paul Thompson
A Few Impressions

'Three's Company,' a Play

I know, you’re probably thinking, that sexist show about a sex-crazed man and two bimbos in short shorts and tight tops, one dumber than the other, sexual content, homophobic jokes, nagging wives, and stupid physical comedy? EXACTLY.
James Franco

Here Is What We Believe to Be a Near-Final 2011 Draft of the Screenplay for 'Innocence of Muslims'

The 2011 draft of the script in our possession is significantly altered from the 2009 version published by Gawker earlier today. It is also five pages longer, with a vastly different—and in our opinion much more incendiary—ending.or the past several...
Jimmy Israel