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Sea Creatures That Look Like Delicious Italian Dishes, Ranked

The "ravioli starfish" isn't the only sea creature that looks like something you'd find at a red-sauce Italian restaurant.


Where the Hell Does This Guy Think He's Going with a Dolphin?

Cops are trying to track down a man who reportedly picked up a dying dolphin, carried it to his car, and drove away with it.


Shark Charities Are Raking It in After That Stormy Daniels Interview

Trump reportedly said he hoped "all the sharks die," so now people are donating in his name.


Brainless Jellyfish Sleep Too

It's the first-ever example of sleep in animals without a brain.


Turns Out It's Totally Cool to Have a 20-Pound Lobster in Your Suitcase

As one New England traveler proved Sunday.


No Really, These Century-Old Aquatic Creatures Are Made of Glass

How 19th century German glassblowers created some of the world's most delicate scientific models.


Check Out This ‘Monster’ 14-Pound Lobster Caught After Hurricane Nicole

Imagine how many lobster rolls you could make.


It’s Hard Out There for a Blobfish: Ugly Animals Need Conservation Too

Unlovely creatures deserve as much attention as the Cecil the Lions of this world.


This Deep-Sea Creature is Creepy As Hell

Called a siphonophore, it’s actually a colony of smaller organisms.


Why Are These Weird Blue Jellyfish Washing Up on Oregon's Beaches?

Thousands of Velella velella jellyfish, aka "by the wind sailors," have met a stinky end.


Guppies Aren't the Only Aquatic Creatures with Horrifying Sex Rituals

In the animal kingdom, all bets are off when it comes to sexual congress.


Death Becomes Her

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