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This Terrifying Video Shows Just How Bad the Ice Melt Has Gotten in Greenland

After a blazing-hot July, over 200 billion tons of Greenland's ice sheet has melted away.


Warm Water Is Melting Glaciers 100 Times Faster Than We Thought

A new study shows that the underwater melt rate of an Alaskan glacier is 100 times faster than we thought, a finding that could change already-dire projections of sea level rise.


This Is What the U.S. Could Look Like When Our Coasts Are Under Water

Rising sea levels could be an opportunity for social change—or a dystopian hellscape.


This Plan to Stop Sea Level Rise by Blasting Antarctica With Snow Is Extremely Wild

Scientists studied what would happen if we turned gigatons of ocean water into snow and shot it at Antarctica.


Why a Growing Glacier Isn't Good News for the Climate

Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier is gaining ice due to cyclical changes in ocean temperature, but that doesn’t mean things are getting better.


The 'Window of Opportunity' to Act on Climate Change Is 'Almost Closed,' UN Warns

Greenhouse gas levels have hit a record high and there's no sign of reversal, according to a new UN report.


A Hurricane Just Caused This Remote Hawaiian Island to Vanish

The northerly East Island in Hawaii’s French Frigate Shoals is now submerged beneath the sea.


Sea Level Rise Will Flood Key Internet Infrastructure Within 15 Years

NYC, Miami, and Seattle are among the metropolitan regions most vulnerable to internet infrastructure damage due to climate change.


Boaty McBoatface is headed to Antarctica to study the “doomsday glacier”

Thwaites glacier is two miles thick and as big as Wisconsin. It's already contributing 4 percent to sea level rise.


Climate Change Is Creating an Entirely New Kind of Refugee

Island communities will soon be forced to flee their watery homes. But will they be offered the legal rights of refugees?


Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson Talks About 'New York 2140'

The new novel imagines life in a partially drowned NYC after massive sea level rise from climate change.