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Miami’s Close Call with Irma May Make Climate-Blind Real-Estate Developers More Reckless

The American economy’s presumed self-healing power is a reassuring trope.
Paul Cox and Stan Cox
climate change

Antarctica’s Disintegration Could Actually Lead to a Hollywood Disaster Scenario

When movies become reality.
Meaghan Beatley
Donald Trump

Floridians Wonder How President-Elect Trump Will Deal With Their Rising Seas

Florida chose climate-change skeptic Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, but the threat of climate change is already a reality in parts of the state.
Zak Bennett

How a Volcanic Eruption Kept Rising Oceans at Bay

New simulations find that Mount Pinatubo's massive eruption in 1991 has masked accelerating global sea level rise.
Michael Byrne

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, it's revealed America's weapons exports make up a third of the world's arms trade, sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,800 years, the Nation of Islam promises to protect Beyonce, and more.
VICE Staff

I Went Down the Rabbit Hole of a Fake Climate Change-Themed Real Estate Firm

A hoax with a message.
Jordan Pearson

How to Lead a Nation That Will Be Swallowed by the Sea

The president of low-lying Kiribati has spent nearly a decade trying to save his people from rising sea levels. There’s a good chance he will not succeed. This is how he leads a nation that will likely not exist in 100 years.
Brian Merchant
climate change

All the Ways Birds Are Getting Screwed by Climate Change

Rising sea levels, food shortages, disease and more.
Matthew Braga

This Simulation Shows the Future of Climate Change for Antarctic Ice Sheets

Researchers used high-res, large-scale computer modelling to estimate ice loss and rise in sea-levels in the West Antarctic.
Emiko Jozuka
Motherboard Blog

Reducing Black Carbon and Other Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Could Reduce Sea Level Rise by a Third

But that's bad news for the world's air conditioning addiction.
Mat McDermott

US Accountants Finally Realized Climate Change Is a “High Risk” to the Government's Fiscal Health

Perhaps the unusually strong frankenstorm Sandy smashed into the East Coast, costing the government $50 billion to clean up, and something clicked—this must be what all those scientists and economists mean when they talk about the future costs of...
Brian Merchant