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These scientists are using fake turtle eggs to track poachers in Costa Rica

Scientists are studying poaching in Costa Rica by planting GPS-enabled eggs in sea turtle nests .
Arielle Duhaime-Ross

This Tweet Shows Why Plastics Are So Dangerous to Marine Animals

Every year, 13 million tons of plastic wind up in our oceans.
Sarah Emerson
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Watch: Hundreds of Baby Sea Turtles Make Their Way into the Ocean

Wait, what??
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These 3-D Printed Decoy Turtle Eggs Could Help Take Down Poachers

The Californian conservation group Paso Pacífico plans to plant the GPS-tracked fake eggs, which look like ping pong balls and could be easily picked up by a poacher, during a mass nesting period in Central America this fall.
Wyatt Marshall

I Ate Illegal Turtle Eggs and They Were Disgusting 

Nicaragua's beloved dish of sea turtle ova is also illegal—giving a new meaning to "poached eggs."
Clarissa Wei

Take a Ride Through the Great Barrier Reef on the Back of a Sea Turtle

Australia's World Wildlife Fund strapped a GoPro to a turtle’s back so that you don’t have to.
Adam Owen
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Poachers and Drug Traffickers Are Creating a Deadly Environment in Costa Rica

Two years ago activist Jairo Mora Sandoval was murdered on the beach while trying to protect the eggs of endangered sea turtles; his alleged murderers were acquitted but a new trial may be in the offing
Lindsay Fendt

Nearly Five Years After the BP Spill, Animals Are Still Dying in the Gulf of Mexico

A new report by the National Wildlife Federation says dolphins continue to die, while the recovery of sea turtles has stalled and corals continue to show signs of damage from exposure to oil.
Matt Smith

Climate Change Is Turning All Sea Turtles Female

Climate change is bringing about a higher proportion of females to males in sea turtles, thanks to a seemingly idiotic genetic quirk called temperature-dependent sex determination. No one has yet figured out why turtles reproduce this way.
Mike Pearl
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Ones And Zeros: Sea Turtles Killed Less Frequently, DNA Changes On Demand, Earth's Twin

h3. One: The National Reconnaissance Office is set to reveal details of two of "the cold war's most capable spy satellite programs on September 17th": (The Space Review) h3. Zero: A Setback Could Force...