Sean Yeaton


Dissecting Parquet Courts' Surreal Stress Dreams About Endless Subways

Sean Yeaton is a brilliant bizarro and also the bassist of Parquet Courts. Whenever the band goes on tour, he has this recurring dream about a labyrinthine subway system and a vague destination he never reaches. We had an analyst interpret the...


Parquet Courts - "Light Up Gold Road Trip" (Documentary)

Former Motherboard editor Sean Yeaton used to walk around the VICE offices carrying a Bunsen burner and saying stuff like, "Drones are the future!" Then his band, Parquet Courts, took off and he was like, "Working at a computer all day is the pits! I'm...


Parquet Courts Are Returning Down Under So Sean Yeaton Wrote A Letter

Parquet Courts likeable bassist gives an update on his fatherhood.