Google Thought My Phone Number Was Facebook’s and It Ruined My Life

A quirk in Google’s search algorithm turned me into Facebook’s customer support.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Guess Who Comes Up When You Search 'Idiot' on Google Images

Just guess.
Drew Schwartz
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Abortion Activists Send Message to Google Shareholders via Plane Banner

Women’s advocacy organization Ultraviolet sent a plane to fly over Google’s annual shareholder meeting with the message, “Accessing Abortion Care? Google Lies," to highlight misleading search results for abortion care.
Kimberly Lawson

Google Started a Political Shitstorm Because of Its Over-Reliance on Wikipedia

The feature that caused Google to say the ideology of the California Republican Party is "Nazism" is killing Wikipedia.
Jason Koebler
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This Elusive Cat Led Cops on a Weeklong Airport Search-and-Rescue Mission

After police set up traps, scoured the rafters, and called in some civilian backup, Pepper the cat was finally captured.
Drew Schwartz

Facebook's Search Bar Briefly Autocompleted to 'Video of Girl Sucking Dick Under Water'

The social media platform served disturbing search results to some of its users tonight.
Sarah Emerson
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Cryptocurrency Miners Are 'Limiting' the Search for Alien Life

Berkely's SETI project can't get its hands on the latest graphics cards, which are popular with cryptocurrency miners.
Matthew Gault

YouTube Keeps Serving Me Ads for Poland's 'Holocaust Law'

A controversial law about Poland's role in the Holocaust shows how Google serves up different versions of history.
Emanuel Maiberg
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Don't Ask Siri About Your Weird Sex Thing

Researchers asked Siri and Google a barrage of questions in a sex-health battle of the voice assistants.
Samantha Cole
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These Roboticists Want to Take Over the World With a Pair of Legs

Agility Robotics does one thing really well, but is that enough?
Jordan Pearson
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Facebook is still spreading conspiracies 48 hours after Texas shooting

Digital platforms have pledged to do a better job of preventing fake news, but they’re still singing the same apologetic songs.
Noah Kulwin
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The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico

The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico
David Noriega