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Internet Insecurity

Google’s Own Email Filters Flag Google’s Party Invite as Malicious

A cybersecurity reporter says his own Google-provided email app flagged an email about a Google party because it included content “typically used to steal personal information.”
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Face Time

When Your Arrest Photo Appears on a Mugshot Website

Lawmakers are cracking down on sites like and At such a mushrooming online nexus of extortion and blackmail, will the legislation make any difference?
Anjali Nayar
search engines

How Russia Polices Yandex, Its Most Popular Search Engine

Google said it would demote Russia Today and Sputnik, but the Russian government has tried to control what news appears on Yandex for years.
Louise Matsakis

Why French Search Engine Qwant Thinks It Can Beat Google

Search engines like Qwant show you don't need to hand over reams of private data for a pleasant experience.
Nadja Sayej

A Brief History of America's Favorite Fad Diets, According to Google

Google sent us the top ten diet-related searches for the last decade, and the inconsistency was revealing.
Kaleigh Rogers
short circuit

How One Visual Search Startup Plans to One-Up TinEye

Early tests with Clarifai's visual search show promise compared to better known tools like TinEye and Google Image Search.
David Bixenspan

Niche Dating Sites Are Making People Dumber

The problem with matching two people who believe that lizard people control the world's currency from the sewers of L.A. is that they could have kids who will carry on their batshit ideas.
Rick Paulas

Analyzing Bing Searches Could Predict a Cancer Diagnosis, Study Finds

And potentially warn individual users that they should talk to a doctor.
Steve Huff
Donald Trump

Trump Supporters on Reddit Think Google Is Rigging Autocomplete for Hillary

Kaleigh Rogers
asia & pacific

China Is Investigating Search Engine Giant Baidu Following Student's Death

Wei Zexi sought treatment for a rare cancer at a hospital which came top of his search results in a paid-for listing. The search engine Baidu has now been accused of providing misleading information.
VICE News and Reuters

This Entrepreneur Wants to Build a Kurdish Alternative to Google

Egerin is a Kurdish search engine that aims to bring Kurds online and preserve their languages.
Emiko Jozuka
club culture

How Much Does Google Actually Know About Going Out Clubbing?

We got everyone's favourite search engine to guide us through a big night out. Guess what? It sucked!