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Hollywood Has Failed Male Victims of Sexual Harassment

Both in real life and on screen, the issue has been handled poorly.
Candice Frederick
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Behind the Scenes of 'Search Party's' Hilarious Second Season

Checking in on the TBS comedy's return from the Brooklyn set.
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Alia Shawkat Buries a Body in the Season Two Trailer for 'Search Party'

Michael Showalter's mystery-comedy series about a gang of hip amateur detectives returns to TBS November 19.
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How Michael Showalter Brought Optimism to 'Search Party'

We spoke with Michael Showalter about Search Party, writing spooky shit, and relating to millennials.
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'Search Party' Provides an Intriguing, Binge-Worthy Mystery

TBS's millennial-centric mystery-comedy proves the network is searching for a newer audience.
Pilot Viruet

Actress Meredith Hagner on Becoming a Rising Comedy Star

We met up with actress Meredith Hagner to talk about her kombucha-stocked fridge, bad spray tans, and her break-out career.
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People Share Their Craziest Quarter Life Crises

A round-up of our favorite quarter-life crisis tales to help you feel a little bit better about your own.
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Music Supervisor Brienne Rose on How to Choose the Perfect Music for TV

Brienne Rose is one of the hottest up-and-coming music supervisors in Hollywood today. We caught up with Rose to talk to her about the value of music in film and television, what bands excite her most right now, and how it feels to score an iconic TV...
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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Female Dicks: A History of Women Detectives Challenging the Patriarchy

Behind every fictional female detective is the story of a subversive woman infiltrating a male-dominated world of mystery, intrigue, and misogyny.
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