Seattle Mariners


Jerry Dipoto is So Addicted to Trades He Finalized Encarnacion Deal from Hospital

Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto was hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs, but that wouldn't stop him from brokering a three-way trade with the Cleveland Indians and the Tampa Bay Rays.


The Oakland A's Keep Coming Back

The Athletics are making a division that wasn't even supposed to be close, feel tight (and scaring Mariners fans in the process).


Wade LeBlanc Gets a Win for the Journeymen, and the Mariners

After bouncing around teams, leagues, and continents for 13 years, Wade LeBlanc finally found a place to stick in Seattle. And the Mariners rewarded him with the first contract extension of his career.


Chill Out About the Goddamn Hall of Fame and Robinson Canó

Baseball has always mythologized itself as something sacred, but it doesn’t need to be anything more than a sport to be as wonderful as it already is.


Watch the Mariners Pull Off a Truly Bizarre Triple Play on the Astros

It's going to take a while for Houston Astros DH Evan Gattis to live this one down.


Gahh!! Bald Eagle Attacks Mariners Pitcher James Paxton

Is it a coincidence that James Paxton is Canadian? Probably not.


On Opening Day, Felix Hernandez is Baseball, and Hope

King Felix is making his tenth consecutive Opening Day start for the Seattle Mariners. It's a testament to not only his consistency but baseball's.


Jean Segura Says He Was Robbed, Beaten by Police in the Dominican Republic

The Mariners shortstop was on his way to visit teammate Robinson Cano in their home country when police pulled him over and ransacked his car.


Kyle Seager and Chooch Play 'Who Can Name More Animals' Before Each Game

It's hard to tell what the rules are here, but the two Seattle Mariners both seem pretty serious about it.


Michael Pineda is Finally Good

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is getting all the hype, but Michael Pineda has been equally important to New York's strong start.


The Mariners Are Screwed

Even if the injury-plagued Seattle Mariners manage to salvage their season and make a run at the wild card, their long-term outlook is bleak.


Baseball Fans Can't Stop Eating Grasshoppers

The Seattle Mariners had no idea people would eat this many insects—18,000 to be exact.