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Arrested Canadian Man Just Wanted to Bring Trump Whiskey, Find Wife

The Secret Service caught Yianny Georgopoulos moving a barrier outside the White House, according to media reports.
Manisha Krishnan
VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Special counsel Mueller heats up the Trump investigation, massive fire consumes Dubai skyscraper, Netanyahu under Israeli police investigation, and more.
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The US Military Is Renting an Apartment in Trump Tower for $130,000 a Month

Although Trump hasn't spent a night there since he took office.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning

The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least nine killed after Arizona flash flood, Iran sentences Princeton student to ten years, Secret Service denies approving Trump Jr. meeting with Russian, and more.
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The Secret Service Doesn't Like @realDonaldTrump Either

The agents are apparently struggling to deal with a "tidal wave of threats" made against the president on Twitter.
Drew Schwartz
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A Stalker Allegedly Followed Malia Obama to Her Internship and Proposed

He's reportedly accosted the former first daughter in Washington and New York, declaring his love for her.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US reportedly mulls preemptive strike against North Korea, NATO sends troops to border near Russian seaport, 36 ISIS militants killed in massive-ordinance-air-blast strike, and more.
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A Laptop Full of 'Sensitive' Info Was Stolen from a Secret Service Agent's Car

The computer allegedly contains encrypted information about the Clinton email scandal and Trump Tower floor plans, among other things.
River Donaghey

There’s Nothing Stopping Trump From Using His Personal Phone

President Trump is still tweeting from an Android phone, despite reports that he'd traded it in for a secure device.
Sarah Emerson
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A Guy Got Kicked Off an Airplane for Accosting Ivanka Trump

"Your father is ruining the country."
Lauren Messman
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The Secret Service Paid Trump Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly on His Jet

The government's $1.6 million paycheck is just another campaign contribution Trump can funnel back into his own pocket.
VICE Staff

The Dangers of Being an Undercover Journalist in Iran

I guess interrogations, wire tapping, and the constant paranoia that you're being followed is what you get when you try to investigate separatist movements on a tourist visa.