secret societies

secret societies

Why I Joined a Secret Society That Branded Me

A former member of a Nxivm women's group responds to those who called her blind and stupid for submitting to mutilation.
Sarah Edmondson

My Year in San Francisco’s $2 Million Secret Society Startup

The rise and fall of Latitude, an exclusive, for-profit underground society started by a wealthy backer, is a fable for modern Silicon Valley.
Lydia Laurenson

Is Britain Ruled by a Secret Pig-Fucking Cabal?

Rituals like sticking your penis into a pig's head are an intrinsic part of the British class system.
Sam Kriss

Questions We Have About the Masonic Fraternal Police Department

Illuminati-loving police impersonators were in court Thursday, but so far they've stayed quiet on what they're up to and why there's a photo of one of them with Bill Clinton.
Mike Pearl

LA Cops Cracked Down on a Bizarre Illuminati-Loving Club of Alleged Police Impersonators

Let's be (deranged) cops!
Mike Pearl

Secret Fighting in the Bronx Is as Cool as You'd Think

Strip the glitz from an MMA fight and add wannabes, devout martial artists and psychos, and you’ve got Underground Combat League, a series of underground fights in New York for coming on ten years, and which you can only attend if you're on a list or...
Jim Genia
Society with Cleo Le-Tan

Sound of the Suburbs

Cleo Le-Tan heads to Clichy Sous Bois, outside Paris, where she meets a young man named Byron who's starred in videos by Romain Gavras. She then visits the rap group La Comera in their neighbourhood and learns to drive, sort of.
Cleo Le-Tan